• Alan Prowse

Do you schedule time in your week to be creative?

One of the lessons I learned was to make time in my schedule each week to be creative. Whether that was learning something new and figuring out how to build it into my workday or developing on ideas or strategies that needed some dedicated time to mature.

Being creative in Business Development is critical because if you keep using the same strategies to win new business, sooner rather than later your competition will figure it out and deploy their own strategies to counter yours.

So, it’s important to control your schedule and not let your schedule control you. Give yourself time to be creative by scheduling time in your work week. It is important as this creativity can differentiates you on that big pursuit or can even get you promoted.

As you progress with your career, keep the scheduling discipline and being creative, as now with all those experiences under your belt, the ideas and strategies will continue to improve. By the way, when others bring strategies to you, don’t be one of those leaders that just tell them what is wrong with their strategy. The best will use their experience, knowledge, and network to improve on it. Remember, it is easy to be an art critic, it is much harder to be an artist!

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