Business Plan

Training Services

We all know there is no elevator to success but that success is built upon taking small step. Our reverse training process offers your team those small steps, providing right skills at just the right time. 


What is reverse training?

  • The reverse training process is done by the course attendees viewing a short 15-20 minute instructional video prior the attending a virtual class

  • The video will cover the main learning points with examples and can be viewed at any time or as many times, prior to or after the follow-up virtual class

  • The follow-up virtual class will be conducted over zoom and will typically last just 30 minutes

  • The zoom call will re-enforce the learning and allow the attendees to ask clarification questions  

  • Reverse training can be conducted at any time of the day or night and designed to be very cost effective and support multiple time zones

Any of these classes can be run face to face in a typical learning environment.